11 Jan

Really, this is a simple idea, many of my neighbors and friends who enjoy summertime grilling (plus a few die-hards who let no blizzard get in the way of their grilled meat) own at least two different barbecues. My design, the ALL IN ONE BBQ combines them all into one amazing backyard grill with the versatility to gas grill chicken, pizza, veggies – whatever your favorite grilled food is, plus smoke a brisket or rack of ribs, plus cook with charcoal or wood adding those flavors to your food if you so desire. Not to mention the movable cooking surface, which allows incredible control over the heat you cook over.  Creating precisely and perfectly cooked food, each and every time!

Speaking of time, let’s rewind a bit and I’ll tell you how this dream began…

For my final project in high school metal shop my Dad helped me to decide to make a wood barbeque with a grate that could be raised and lowered. I made it out of half of an old water heater; after cutting and welding I ended up with a pretty nice grill. When I took it home and showed it to its new owner (my father) I wondered why he needed another grill, after all, he already had two. His gas grill worked well for fast cooking, no need to get your charcoal started, or burn your wood down to get started grilling.  BUT, after I had a piece of Tri-Tip beef that my dad had cooked over oak wood, I was hooked! The oak really added flavor and it was incredibly juicy. I asked why he did not use my grill for charcoal and he replied that the grate didn’t go down far enough and there was no lid. This response really got me thinking.

After my time in the US Navy, I eventually settled down and it was now my turn to buy a shiny new grill. There was nothing on the market that would do it all, nothing that could give me the versatility that I was looking for in a grill. Which is why, despite adding two children and a puppy to the mix, I have spent much of my free time designing and redesigning and improving on my ideas. I wanted a grill that could use gas, charcoal and wood and have a cooking surface that could be lowered and raised. The dream that is All in On Barbeques has been born after many drawings, many conversations with my father and many weekends welding in the garage.

The ALL IN ONE BBQ combines a gas grill, charcoal grill, wood grill and a smoker into one cooking utensil. Having a movable cooking surface with a gas grill is a dream come true for me. When my vegetables or chicken start to flare up I don’t need to move the meat around or turn down the heat, all I need to do is raise my grate and I don’t get blackened food. When I want to sear a cut of beef like filet mignon or rib-eye I can lower the grate on the flames and put the lid down and in 1-2 min a side I am ready to eat. Having full control over the heat your meat is cooking over can’t be done accurately by moving the knobs, but only by moving the food closer or father away from the heat source.

If you have always wanted to cook using charcoal or wood then simply remove the flavor plates and install your cover plate. Simply remove the propane tank for safety, and add your favorite charcoal or wood.

If you have ever wanted to smoke some fish or meat it is as easy as centering your grate and moving the charcoal or wood to one side, inside the grill. Then add your meat on the other side on top of the grate and place the lid on top. You can control your temperature by moving the grate slightly up or down and when it’s time to refill the smoke source just raise the grate. It’s so simple to use you’ll wish you had one years ago. I know I wish I did!

New design information:

The final version of the ALL IN ONE BBQ will have a curved lid, an all new movable grate system with dual stanchions and a stainless steel inner plate. There will also be redesigned grease catch and propane gas feeds

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